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5 Ways to Change Someone’s Life With $25

$25. Doesn’t seem like a lot does it? Many of you reading this probably wouldn’t give too much consideration in blowing that amount on a range of unnecessary purchases.


Here’s what 25 bucks might get you in a developed country..

  • A slight tipsy feeling at the bar
  • An entree at a decent restaurant
  • A few days worth of make-up
  • A cheap men’s haircut
  • One of these…



Make your money stretch further..

One of the true advantages for those of us living in the developed world, is the arbitrage value of our currency.  $25 will stretch a hell of a lot further in developing nations than it will in your home town, anyone who’s traveled through these regions can attest to that. While cocktails, cigarettes and custom t-shirts may be had for a bargain, currency differences also mean you have more power to make a difference..

What if you took that $25 and gave it to a worthy cause? Just as a once off, an experiment if you will. You may be surprised at what you could do..

It doesn’t take millions of dollars to be able to make a difference in the world, perhaps something many of us don’t realise. All it takes is $25 to permanently change someone’s life.. Don’t believe me? Take a look below.


What You could do instead, with that $25..


Fund a local entrepreneur

How this helps: The best way to get people out of poverty is to enable them to do so themselves. By funding small business ventures such as farming or handcrafting, you’re enabling individuals to pull themselves out of the poverty cycle and in turn, help their local communities.

Where to donate: A micro-credit loan Zidisha or Kiva



Restore Someone’s Eyesight 

How this Helps: No only does curing blindness markedly improve an individuals quality of life, it benefits the entire community in which they live. Earning potential increases and drain drain on resources and productivity from caring for the blind is eliminated.

Where to Donate: Cataracts removal through The Himalayan Cataract Project or Fred Hollows Foundation



Prevent Malaria in 5 kids

How this Helps: $25 buys 5 mosquito nets and gets them distributed in the countries that desperately need them. This won’t necessarily save the lives of 5 children (they may never have contracted malaria..) but it will eliminate that risk.

Where to DonateAgainst Malaria Foundation



Offset 1 tonne of Carbon

How this Helps: Planting trees will not only offset 1 tonne of your personal carbon contribution, helping to fight climate change, it will improve biodiversity and prevent other conditions such as salinization.

Where to Donate: Get trees planted through Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund

Donate $25


Deworm 30 children

How this helps: Not including the innumerable health benefits, de-worming is shown to effectively raise classroom performance of kids more than just about any other method (including better teachers and supplies).

Where to Donate: Donate to Deworm the World Initiative

Ghorahuan School - MDA


It doesn’t take a lot of sacrificing to come up with an extra $25. Don’t give up drinking alcohol, don’t stop using make-up and don’t skimp on purchasing bicycle shaped pizza cutters. Just once every so often, reconsider having a night out or making that purchase and give that money to a good cause instead.  I can guarantee the satisfaction you will gain from knowing you’ve literally changed someone’s life will be infinitely more rewarding than the short term splurge of cash.

Most of the organisations listed* have been recommended from the charity watchdog Givewell. These are charities which have been assessed on a range of criteria, from transparency to the actual impact they have. Givewell has fairly stringent criteria on what makes it’s recommended list, so you can be pretty confident that the money you give will be put to use in the way you intended.

*Carbon Neutral, Zidisha and Kiva are not mentioned on Givewell.


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