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Personal Reformation is the Answer to the Worlds Problems

It’s going to take more than education to change the world.

As Malcolm X was preparing to give what would ultimately be his final speech at the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan, he stood as a man who had transformed himself completely not once, but twice. These personal reformations were complete and fundamental shifts in his personal values and world-views. He openly and transparently admitted his previous follies and was willing to undertake his new path completely. Alas, he would never fully achieve his final reformation before his life was cut short at the hands of 3 gunmen.

It appears to take an extraordinary individual (which Malcolm X certainly was) to be willing to open up to the realisation and acceptance that many previous assumptions and beliefs we may have held, could potentially prove false. Most of us do not possess the humility required to admit that much of our life has been lived under false pretenses and essentially, under a lie. Science prospers in this domain, religion significantly falters.

The difficulty of this process, I believe, is more to blame for chaos in the world than any other single factor. The inability of the majority to open themselves up to the possibility that they may be wrong. That their values and their outlook on life may not conform to the state of the modern world. This leads to resistance and leads to bitterness which can lead to hate. I’m sure I don’t need to point out examples of where this is occurring right now.

The question is; how do we fight, not ignorance, for lack of knowledge or information is understandable and excusable. The real enemies are stubbornness and pride. The inability or unwillingness to open yourself up to new perspectives, to put yourself in the shoes of others and the humility to accept that maybe, just maybe, you are wrong.


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